As a family company, we bring complementary skills to the business and believe we are the right team to help you find a comfortable home. We own a number of investment properties in and around the Southampton area and know what is required to be quality landlords, thus retaining satisfied customers.

Our Mission

To provide the ultimate quality, comfortable home environment. Suitable for families and working Professionals alike.

Finished to the highest standards. Our spacious homes are clean, well maintained with fully fitted kitchens Including fridge/freezers, oven, washing machines, and all the features you’d expect.

Our living spaces are equally spacious and decorated to a high standard. You can relax in the splendor of fully fitted bath/shower facilities. All rounded off with double glazing and heating to keep you warm and snug.

Meet the Team.

Michael Scappaticci


Donna Scappaticci


Looking to rent a suitable property?

If you are a tenant looking for a property to rent or need advice or assistance, then talk to us.